• Carport Manor (map)
  • 33800 McDougall Avenue
  • Abbotsford, BC, V2S 1W6
  • Canada

Man Meat are back in town from Saskatoon! Along with their friends Hex Beat and locals Atodaso. Monday night shows start on time and end early!

Man Meat - https://manmeat.bandcamp.com/album/hail-nothing-eat-shit
Forged in the frigid winter landscape of Saskatchewan, Man Meat have established themselves as a badass, answer-to-no-one noise punk band in Saskatoon’s music scene, producing an original and unique sound fraught with anxious riffs and desperate melodies.
Hex Beat - https://hexbeatband.bandcamp.com/
Atodaso - https://afuckintodaso.bandcamp.com/album/how-to-make-a-large-amount-of-money-and-achieve-consistent-happiness-in-a-small-amount-of-time-with-a-minimal-amount-of-effort-on-your-behalf
A loud progressive hardcore band from Abbotsford, B.C.