As with all good projects, Dog Days Entertainment began with a desire for more.


Two specific frustrations lead to it’s inception. The first was a lack of live music taking place in the Fraser Valley. I wanted to plug in, I wanted to buy a ticket, I wanted to listen… and there just wasn’t much around. The second frustration was a lack of promotion/listings for the shows that WERE taking place.  

While the number of live music shows is on the rise, it is still difficult to find any information regarding when and where it’s going down! Just try a Google search for “live music Fraser Valley/Abbostsford/Chilliwack.” The results are dreadful! The only way I found out about shows was if I knew the musician personally or if I happened to be at one of the hosting venues and noticed a poster or flyer for an upcoming show. So I decided to do something about it! In addition to Dog Days Entertainment hosting our own shows at various venues in the Fraser Valley, we have also created a listing of all live music shows in the Abbotsford/Chilliwack areas.  

DogDays Entertainment is YOUR connection to the live music scene in the Fraser Valley.