• Tractorgrease Cafe (map)
  • 48710 Chilliwack Lake Road
  • Chilliwack, BC, V4Z 1A6
  • Canada

Wooden Horsemen will be playing Tractorgrease Cafe Sunday Sept 3rd at 7pm. Tickets are $12 and available Thursday - Sunday at 604 858 3814 or email us at : tractorgrease@gmail.com.


“Sentient, seamlessly muddies Americana rock with Latin and Afro influences. Combine this with elements of psych-funk and folk and you have melting pot of styles that has to be heard to be believed. ” 
- Beatroute BC

“The songs remain embedded in the folk and blues that coloured the band’s 2013 debut album, Wooden Horsemen. But they also exude an open-mindedness, making full use of the now eight-piece studio outfit’s ability to play fun and danceable horn music.”
- Georgia Straight