• Chilliwack Fairgrounds (map)
  • 7590 Lickman Road
  • Chilliwack, BC, V2R 4A7
  • Canada

Atlantic Crossing presents three incredible shows in one with tributes to the best in British Pop music, including the Beatles, Rod Stewart and Elton John.   Atlantic Crossing has one of the most authentic Rod Stewart tributes you will ever see or hear. From the stylish suits and signature stage moves and a voice that’s so close that you’ll swear its Rod himself, Brent Stewart sets a new high standard for Rod Stewart tributes.  Every bit as energetic and flamboyant as Sir Elton, this is an exciting retrospective of one of the U.Ks most outrageous and enduring performers. From his 70’s rockers to the sing along favorites, audiences love these timeless classics.  *Free with Fair admission*