• Harrison Memorial Hall (map)
  • 290 Esplanade Avenue
  • Harrison Hot Springs, BC, V0M 1K0
  • Canada

The Harrison Festival of the Arts Presents: Adonis Puentes & The Voice of Cuba Orchestra

Steeped in the traditions of Cuban son and other styles such as cha-cha and Cumbia, Adonist Puentes is an elegant and masterful singer and songwriter in the Cuban style. Adonis and his fraternal twin Alexis, now better known as Alex Cuba, were born in 1974 in Artemisa, Cuba. Their father, Valentin Puentes, is a well-respected musician and teacher, and at six the twins were playing in a children’s guitar ensemble, Adonis writing his own songs at age 14. Now on the cusp of a new album release, Adonis sings with the ease and authenticity of someone steeped in the history of Cuban dance music, while creating new, contemporary songs. Even if you can’t speak a word of Spanish, you can hear Adonis’s joy, love of life, and passion in this music. This is your chance to try your salsa steps!

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