• Wilde Oscars Pub (map)
  • 45886 Wellington Avenue
  • Chilliwack, BC, V2P 2C7
  • Canada

Bruce Coughlan has lived a life of music since first in his early teens, when he began busking on the streets of Vancouver, Canada. For the last 4 decades, Bruce has earned his livelihood & reputation entirely as a performer, writer, musician and singer, from coffee houses to concert halls & festivals throughout North America & the United Kingdom. With the upcoming release of his new solo recording entitled Waiting for Rain, - Bruce Coughlan - Waiting for Rain Bruce will be emerging as an Acoustic Soul Music artist. Primarily self-penned, Waiting for Rain draws on a lifetime of experience. It is retrospective, nostalgic and Bluesy in nature, while highlighting Bruce’s exceptional talents as songsmith, vocalist and classical (nylon string) guitarist. ----> http://songsmith.ca/.  No Cover Charge.