• Triple Play Pub (map)
  • 45975 Wellington Avenue
  • Chilliwack, BC, V2P 2C6
  • Canada

Country music has always been apart of Dions family roots. He remembers listening to Hank Williams on his great grandmothers radio and was instantly hooked. When he was in high school he started to listen to a lot of Heavy Metal and Outlaw Country which had a big influence on his songwriting today.  Dion Remembers coming home one day to his dad holding him a bass guitar.He started taking up guitar lessons from his uncle Dave who taught him the basics, and Dion took it even further by picking up a banjo, the drums, acoustic and electric guitars, and even harmonica.  Dion began to make bands at school playing with kids with all different backgrounds.

The Unbranded is Dions backing band today. They consist of Ross Collingwood(Drummer) who Dion had played with ever since Ross came to Canada. Alex Jesus(Guitar) who has also played with Dion from his very first bands. And Macleod Reynolds(Bass) who Dion has played with for about 4 years. Each of Dions players bring a unique influence to the group's sound.