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Oh man!!!! I can't wait for this one. We had so much fun with Franzl at Oktberfest I figured why not have 2 shows a year. We'll be celebrating Oktoberfest in June with the humorous footstomping of Franzl and his Squeezebox, Bratwurst,Schnitzels and beer.

On Saturday June 10th at 7pm Oktoberfest in June. Tickets are $15 and available during business hrs at 604 858 3814 or email tractorgrease@gmail.com

Experience the Munich Oktoberfest first-hand with an accordion player, who was born in the Old Country and knows the songs and traditions since boyhood.

This is not only an accordion player, who plugs himself into the wall and sits on his chair all night studying his shoes, but involves the audience, entertains and brings the traditional elements of Oktoberfest to your group - yodeling, singing, entertainment, audience engagement and participation, and of course lots of traditional music.

This is not the La-Le-Lu 1950s song chart, but Alpine Apres-Ski and Oktoberfest Music pure.

Franzl will be wearing his Oktoberfest Finest - Lederhosen, Hat, Long Socks and Bavarian shoes. Everyone is encourage to wear their own version of Oktoberfest attire.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for property damage, lost spouses and next day headaches.