• Dukes pub (map)
  • 41582 Yale Road
  • Chilliwack, BC, V2R 4J3
  • Canada

When founder and bassist Tim David relocated to Vancouver BC, his goal was to enter in the local professional music scene.  In 2008, Tim and a long-time friend / guitarist decided to create a classic rock cover band named Buckle Rash.  After rehearsing classic rock music for a short time a common theme began to evolve.  Tim and the current lead singer of Buckle Rash were both heavily influenced by the qualities that southern rock music offered and they both shared the same musical direction.  The conversations for change began.  From then on the band focused on a strict theme of Southern Rock.

The Buckle Rash band performed events such as Davidson’s Pitt Stop (house band), Bear Creek Park, Lions Club (fundraisers), Classic Bike & Custom Chopper shows, Cornstalk Chilliwack, Canada Day events, Agassiz Fair Grounds and private engagements.

Southbound 2015 is a collection of Southern Rock classics pushing the boundaries into Blues Rock and Country Rock music providing a powerful evening of classic Southern Rock songs along with many danceable favourites and a few forgotten treasures.

Southbound Band is:

  • George Cameron – Vocals and mandolin
  • Tim David – Bass
  • Jim Cassidy – Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Joe Brooman – Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Devin Rice – Drums & Percussion

The current line-up is by far the greatest collaboration to date. A group of elite players commanding experience and dedication accompanied by similar musical philosophy, goals and a passion for the musical styling within the Southern Rock genera.

Southbound is now in its truest form!