• Rosedale Roadhouse Pub (map)
  • 51277 Yale Road
  • Chilliwack, BC, V0X 1X0
  • Canada

No Cover Charge.  19+

We are a dynamic four piece band playing explosive and entertaining Rockabilly that lights up and creates and atmosphere of foot stomping Pleasure...consisting of
Rockabilly Jay, who's vocals and standup double bass are passion driven and crosses all barriers bringing to it a package of dynamic explosive entertainment ...
then the Cadillac Bones consist of:
Jason Stacy, hard driven guitarist who's fingers create a melodic, seductive sound that weaves a tapestry of pleasure and excitement...
Tristen Martin, the rhythmic heart pounding beat machine that creates a foundation of sound that lifts your foot and soul...
Don Addley, who plays an intriguing mixture of crescendos that caress the ear on his Mississippi saxophone (a.k.a. Harmonica)