• Tractorgrease Cafe (map)
  • 48710 Chilliwack Lake Road
  • Chilliwack, BC, V4Z 1A6
  • Canada

Award winning storyteller RIdley Bent will be playing Tractorgrease Sunday Nov 12th at 7pm.  Tickets are $15 and available at 604 858 3814 or email us at : tractorgrease@gmail.com

Ridley Bent continues to weave tales of wisdom and intrigue with titles such as 'Fill Yer Boots' about a truck driving card player, and 'Crooked and Loaded' written about a shoot out with a posse of outlaws. Produced by the John MacArthur Ellis and supported by an all star band of country musics finest Wildcard will take your mind away and get your toes tapping as Ridley Bent does what he does best..! 

On Wildcard the 2009 CCMA nominee and 7-time BCCMA winner's storytelling and songwriting chops are sharper than ever. Although the tales are still as tall as they come, and the characters as large as life or larger, the cast of hard-drinking, fast-driving characters Ridley unleashes on Wildcard tend to be a shade less hell-bent on self-destruction than they are with keeping their lives between the lines and out of the ditch.